Hungry Hearts: A Ministry of Spirit & Truth

Shalom & Welcome!

Hungry Hearts Ministries (HHM) is a Nondenominational Church, that is Torah Observant & Spirit Filled with the use of certain Hebrew worship tools like the tallit, the shofar, and the menorah. We believe Yeshua (Jesus) is the Messiah who died to pay for the sins of all mankind. Having accepted that sacrifice for our sins we live by all of God’s laws and commandments to the best of our ability. We are filled with God’s Spirit and we worship Him in it. 

HHM Headquarters are located in Jackson, TN and was founded in November 2003. We also have churches across the southeast – Murfreesboro, TN, Cleveland, TN, Cookeville, TN, Corinth, MS, and Tupelo, MS. 

We offer a LIVE stream of our Jackson service every Saturday on RevMedia at 3:00 PM CST. https://www.revmediatv.com/channel/hungry-heart-ministries

If you would like to receive a FREE printed copy of Pursuit, please email Pastor Bill Shults at hungryheartsmin@aol.com. 

God Bless.