From Pastor Bill | Fall 2021

In the 1960’s the Communists decided to infiltrate our system of higher education. In the 1970’s many of these people became “tenured” in our colleges and universities. I had my share of problems with these people when I went to college. They hate our country and they work to convert anyone they can to their vile way of thinking. This “woke” culture you see animating our young adults is the mishmash of anti Americanism, racial hatred and communist ideology. 

After the twentieth century how can anyone make a cogent case that Communism is a better economic system? And, after their sordid history, why on earth would anyone believe them? After the Communists took over our universities they moved directly to our public schools. Currently they are indoctrinating our school children with Marxist ideology. The reason they get away with it is because they quit teaching our children American history, American economics and American Civics. In short they get away with it because we haven’t policed our public school curriculum. This is why it matters who is on your school board. 

The central tenant of woke-ism is that all white people are inherently evil. Woke-ism teaches the heart of western civilization is incorrigibly racist. And, that we must tear down the USA as currently configured and rebuild it with “woke” leadership. Then they will seize all wealth and distribute it as they see fit. This is exactly what the Communists did to Russia, when they seized power during the First World War. They despise hard work, initiative, innovation and timeliness. Working to better oneself as a person, financially or as a community is discouraged. What they want to do is turn the whole country into a lawless “chop” zone like we saw in Portland OR over last summer. And they say so publicly, if you dare to listen. 

America was settled in the early 1600’s. The world was a dangerous place. Our forefathers came here because things were so bad in Europe that it made sense to brave the dangers. Slavery was rampant the world over and had been since at least Nimrod from the book of Genesis. What we now know as America was a group of English Colonies ruled by English law. The 1619 project claims that we were founded in 1619 when the first twenty “indentured” servants were unloaded from Africa. Spaniards, Frenchmen and Englishmen were already here then. Slavery in the colonies would not become legal for years afterwards. The USA did not exist prior to the Declaration of Independence in 1776. We did not have a functioning central government until the ratification of the US constitution in 1789. Many of our founding fathers did not want slavery to be legal in this new nation. Unable to compromise, slavery was left as it was in order to get all of the former colonies to ratify the new US Constitution. The issue was not resolved until the U.S. Civil War. Nevertheless it was the nations of Western Civilization that stopped enslavement, not the other way around. 

In the 1970’s this country passed a sweeping set of Affirmative Action laws giving preferential treatment to black applicants in employment, college admission, government jobs and Federal benefits. College admissions have been race based since the late 1970’s. Recent court rulings have upheld these race based admission requirements for colleges. Our young people have not been taught these things. The big tech companies completely control their “news feed.” They were not taught our history, they were not taught our way of life, and they were not taught the things we have done as a nation to make amends for slavery and segregation. Recently they have gone a step further by teaching our young people that looting is a form of reparations for slavery. These things have dangerous consequences for our country. 

White, Black and Asian Americans built this country together. (I know many other nationalities worked hard in this country.) We have been together a long time. The communists are using “woke” ideology to tear our country apart. Look at your friends and neighbors do they look like they want to tear our country apart? My friends and neighbors love this country. It is up to us to restore the America that was passed down to us. The problem is not race, it is Marxism. 

Our Founding Fathers were great men. They were Christians who actively participated in their churches. They were avid Bible readers, who looked to the Bible to guarantee our freedoms. Our country is great, has been great and will be great if we will fight to keep it. 

God Bless,

Bill Shults 

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