From Pastor Bill | Spring 2022

I am a proud American and deeply love this country.  America has the most amazing history.  Every part of American history and all of the leading persons have THE stories of all time.  Our story is the story of ordinary human beings turned loose to achieve their dreams because they are free to worship God Almighty.  Those are the two central parts of our story our freedom to achieve and keep what we build; and our freedom to worship God Almighty.  These have not existed anywhere else, except ancient Israel.  In like manner they rose from a migrant people to greatness in the ancient world.  

In our post modern world, the leading people in these United States are trying to remove us from God Almighty, while they are working to remove what remains of our freedom.  Evidently their hubris has blinded them to historical precedent.  They won’t be the first to destroy the country they are supposed to lead.  It never works out for those people who wreck their own country.  

God Almighty, the God of the Holy Hebrew Bible is the True and Living God.  Worshiping Him is the first and most essential principle to freedom, free enterprise and prosperity.  We are losing our freedom because we are losing our faith in God.  If we really want our freedom back, then we have to get on our knees and pray.  We will have to back up our prayers with a true heartfelt return to living by God’s Word, the Holy Hebrew Bible.  There is no short cut to winning back our freedom.  There is no shortcut to reviving our once great America.  There is no blaming the elites who run this country.  It all starts with each and every one of us returning to the Great God Almighty of Israel.

It is widely reported that Benjamin Franklin told us:  “we have a Republic if we can keep it.”  Well, we lost it.  Before many of us were born, Progressives began growing an unanswerable, unaccountable bureaucracy to handle the day to day affairs of the government.  The idea was to “take the politics out of it.”  There is no Constitutional provision for any of this.  We sort of just let this happen.  Corruption in politics was a problem, is a problem and always will be a problem.  Unaccountable “experts” are an even worse problem.  It is much better to be able to vote the rascals out of office as they are discovered.  Now the rascals run our elections.

I saw a documentary which depicted Federal agents confiscating copies of the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution from US citizens as contraband.  OK, if copies of the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution are contraband, then let’s flood our country with copies of them!  Those two documents are gifts to us from the Almighty God.  A free people who worship God have been the terror of tyrants in every generation.  Let it be said of us that we rose to this occasion.  If destruction be our lot, let it be the next generation, not ours.

As we return to God, we need to focus on our elected officials.  Start with the local school board.  The School Board is supposed to represent the tax payers against the teachers union.  The board is supposed to represent the parents.  Let us take it back.  Every parent that I have ever met wants our children to be proficient in reading, writing and arithmetic; so why aren’t our school children proficient?  Why is education so bad and why do they do so many other things, when the basics are deficient?  

Do we know who our city councilmen are; or our county commissioners?  Why do we tend to only vote in Presidential elections?   This is how we lost control of our country, by not voting.  There will always be a million excuses to not vote.  There is only one reason to vote every time, our freedom.  Failure to vote is how we get crazy people in office.  The crazy New York City Congresswoman was elected with less than 5% of the vote in her district.  How is that?  Very few vote in her district.  

For the moment this is still the USA.  God Almighty put our destiny into our own hands.  We need to use those hands to cast ballots in every election.  All manner of things will be brought out to discourage us from voting, listen to none of them.  See to it that you do not miss an election.  See to it that you actually find out what the candidates are saying and what they have done in the past.  Be truly informed.  The propaganda comes across your phone, go to the campaigns directly.  Then follow up with them during their time in office.  This is our patriotic duty.

God Bless,  Bill Shults

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